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Olympia Waters debuts exclusive experiences at luxury Dubai event


Private Luxury Dubai unveils Olympia Waters’s “Get Inspired” collection, showcasing 55 unique Italian experiences for global luxury travel enthusiasts.

From January 18th to 20th, the exclusive event Private Luxury Dubai is uniting top influencers in the luxury travel industry. This event is also the stage for the sneak peek of Olympia Waters’s “Get Inspired” collection. Before its official release, this collection showcases 55 unique and mesmerizing experiences in Italy, including exclusive caviar tastings, private cruises along the stunning Cinque Terre, exhilarating experiences mimicking America’s Cup sailing, and journeys tracing the footsteps of the legendary Maria Callas.

Introducing the Olympia Waters Brand

Olympia Waters redefines global travel, seeing it as a chance for profound change and enlightenment. As the pioneer in dream-driven luxury travel, OW is crafting a novel approach where the goal is to invent what has yet to be imagined.

Olympia Waters emerged to meet the needs of the most discerning luxury enthusiasts. It’s for those who seek not just luxury, but experiences that are genuinely unprecedented.

This emerging luxury brand, a spin-off from a renowned European communications and events agency, operates in 34 countries. It collaborates with top professionals across various sectors like food & beverage, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and luxury.

Olympia Waters leverages its global connections and the expertise of a diverse team to cater to the desires of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs), offering them unparalleled experiences.

The Essence of Emotion

OW designs each experience to be a unique narrative centered around the client. It views travel as a transformative journey, full of growth and self-discovery.

With a focus on tailor-made luxury experiences, Olympia Waters emphasizes emotional depth, authenticity, and personal engagement in its services.

The Art of Creativity

Olympia Waters acts as a creator of dreams, blending endless creativity, passion, and a visionary approach to stay at the forefront of innovation.

The company offers fully customizable experiences, limited only by the imagination.

The “Get Inspired” Collection

The “Get Inspired” collection aims to provide unforgettable, private moments in extraordinary settings, connecting clients with iconic personalities. This includes encounters with nobility, former ambassadors, Olympic athletes, and other remarkable individuals.

This exclusive collection will debut at Private Luxury Dubai, bringing together one-of-a-kind experiences developed by Olympia Waters and its elite partners. The team keeps abreast of the latest in global openings, glamorous spots, art venues, and design projects to continually refresh this ever-evolving collection.

Bespoke by Olympia Waters

Bespoke is the hallmark service of Olympia Waters, born from a deep-seated wish, a unique idea, or a special event that customers wish to bring to life. OW takes these visions and crafts them into a reality, complete with a narrative and choreography. These bespoke experiences can be delivered worldwide, incorporating the newest trends in travel science and experiential design, along with unconventional research. This ensures that each experience is not only a moment of pure joy for clients but also maintains an element of surprise and exclusivity.


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