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Jetlines Launch Jetlines Vacations For Canadains To New Vacation Experience

Canada Jetlines has launched Jetlines Vacations, allowing Canadians to book their vacation packages directly with the airline’s tour operator.

And company leaders believe Jetlines Vacations is poised for success when it comes to offering Canadian travelers a different kind of vacation experience.

Canada Jetlines Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Charles McKee said that starting in November 2023, Canada Jetlines will offer Canadian travel agents the ability to book their products through Softvoyage’s Sirev and other platforms.

In fact, McKee made it clear that the company put “a lot of thought” into creating and launching Jetlines Vacations because it recognizes that travel agents have “many options” when it comes to complementing a customer’s vacation with a travel agent .

Jetlines Launch Jetlines Vacations For Canadains To New Vacation Experience

“Agents are the gatekeepers” for their clients, McKee noted, and that’s why they look for a “reliable, reliable” product to book for those clients.

McKee is clear that Jetlines Vacations will offer this product to the travel agents’ customers, noting: “We are coming with a new approach and a different offering for the travel agents.”

Investing in the travel agent community

It has also invested in the agency community and is currently offering retailers a 10% commission (valid until the end of May) and “will continue to engage with agents” – offering them educational opportunities and continuing to have open and ongoing conversations with them.

The late January launch is important from both Canada Jetlines’ and market perspectives, McKee said, explaining that Jetlines Vacations aims to offer the “premium” destinations Canadians want to visit for their vacations.

Currently, Jetlines Vacations’ offerings include Mexico and Jamaica; it is building its Florida product; and Nevada is coming, even if that’s a little later. However, this vacation offering will grow exponentially as Canada Jetlines expands its fleet to six aircraft by the end of June this year.

The result, says McKee, is: “As we look to the winter [2024-2025], we will see a significant increase in destinations flown to.”

This exponential expansion will focus on destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico, but McKee noted that some of the new destinations will be unique and come as a surprise when announced.

McKee noted that it was “fun” building Jetlines Vacations, saying the tour operator currently offers an inventory of 30 hotels with 18,000 rooms. These accommodations are in the 3- to 5-star range, but for the new travel company, McKee says, “the sweet spot” is 4-star accommodations that offer the consumer great value for money.

Canada Jetlines’ CCO said the company believes there is a vacation gap in Canada as changes are taking place in the Canadian market and Jetlines Vacations wants to offer Canadian travelers – particularly a younger generation of travelers – an alternative to that , what currently exists available.

He added that with their own aircraft, Canada Jetlines and Jetlines Vacations are able to send travelers where they want to go and that the company clearly intends to do just that.

“It’s a new kid on the block with new thoughts about where Canadians want to vacation and that vacation begins when they board our plane,” McKee said.

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