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G Adventures Start New Trips To Bosnia & Herzegovina

G Adventures will soon offer an expanded travel program to Bosnia and Herzegovina designed to support local communities while showcasing the distinctive culture, nature and heritage of the Balkan nation.

The new trips are the result of a collaboration between the US government’s USAID Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (USAID Turizam), the Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council (GTTRC) and G Adventures .

Expanding offerings

Yves Marceau, Vice President of Product at G Adventures, welcomed the partnership and the opportunity to expand the operator’s travel offering in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The Balkans are a special part of the world that is becoming increasingly popular as people go beyond traditional European destinations. As more travelers come to visit, it is important that tourism develops in the right way, in a way that supports local people and communities. Travel is a two-way exchange and we are excited to introduce our new trips in 2025,” said Marceau.

“This collaboration is a powerful example of how rural and local communities not on the main tourist route can benefit when governments, NGOs and private social enterprises work together to do the right thing.”

A “model for tourism development”

Karl Wurster, Director of the USAID/BiH Economic Development Office, says the success of this collaboration will serve as a model for tourism development, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but worldwide.

“We are excited to launch our collaboration with G Adventures, a company that brings travelers from around the world to more than 100 countries. Most impressive is G Adventures’ commitment to community tourism, which will ensure the long-term sustainability of tourism development in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Wurster said.

As part of the new partnership, G Adventures representatives will visit Bosnia and Herzegovina to explore new destinations, services and experiences, expand existing itineraries and introduce new and longer trips. Here, USAID will introduce Turizam G Adventures to suppliers and service providers to discuss ideas for future travel experiences.

International FAM trips

USAID Turizam and G Adventures will also collaborate on international media launch trips to increase interest in the country and the new program.

GTTRC will present this collaboration at its events as an example of a positive model for sustainable tourism development.

“In recent years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been celebrated as one of the emerging sustainable destinations at our conferences and events, and we are pleased to advance another partnership that demonstrates the power of tourism in developing sustainable community tourism,” says Laurie Myers, global strategist for the Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council.

USAID Turizam Senior Destination Development Advisor Ibrahim Osta, who conceived this collaboration with GTTRC and G Adventures, emphasized that the partnership is a testament to the power of sustainability and responsible business conduct for a thriving tourism sector based on a people-centered approach .

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