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China’s “ice city” Harbin to welcome the Spring Festival

China’s “ice city” Harbin to welcome surge of adventure in the Spring Festival.

The city will welcome another surge of excitement for ice and snow adventures.

The city of Harbin has made a remarkable impact on the tourism market during this year’s ice and snow season.

Thanks to its rich resources, warm hospitality and extensive visibility on social media.

Travel bookings to the city for the Spring Festival holiday have soared by over 14 times year on year.

This is on the basis of a new report by an online travel platform.

During this snowy season, the city offers a combination of culinary delights and scenic beauty to both the locals and tourists alike.

Wang Hongxin, head of the cultural, radio, television and tourism department of Harbin said this.

The Spring Festival, which falls on Feb. 10 this year, is China’s most important festival and an occasion for family reunions.

This year’s holiday runs until Feb. 17, one day longer than in previous years.

The extended holiday may further unleash cultural and tourism demands and add momentum to the economic rebound.

The recovery of various sectors after a turn in China’s COVID-19 response will add to this.

Trips to the chilly north for ice and snow leisure or to the warmer south have become a popular trend for domestic travel during the holiday.

It is on the basis of the report of travel booking site.

There are bookings on the platform rising by over seven times from the same period last year.

Harbin’s tourism success story has sparked rising desires for ice and snow experiences.

Bookings for such tourism products on travel booking site are jumping more than ten-fold year on year.

The most popular destinations include Harbin, Mudanjiang and Changchun, among several other northeastern cities, as well as Beijing and Urumqi.

Meanwhile, bookings for outbound and inbound trips have both increased by more than 10 times year on year.

People embark on journeys for family reunions and recreational experiences.

Chinese transport authorities are bracing for record-breaking travel volume during the annual travel rush between Jan. 26 and March 5 this year.

Passenger traffic in the civil aviation sector alone will represent a 44.9 percent increase.

It is in comparison with that registered in the same period of last year.

It is marking 9.8 percent growth compared to the level recorded during the same period in 2019.

The relevant authorities are gearing up to ensure sufficient transport capacity and strengthen safety supervision.

As a time for families to get together and celebrate, the Spring Festival holiday also serves as a key season for cultural consumption.

As of Wednesday, a lineup of six domestic movies, namely has been confirmed for release nationwide on the first day of the Spring Festival holiday.

The country’s box office kicked off 2024 with a record-high revenue of approximately 1.53 billion yuan during the New Year holiday.

The figure breaking the previous record of 1.3 billion yuan set during the same holiday in 2021.

It is leading to high expectations for the box office during the Spring Festival holiday.

A series of cultural activities will take place during the holiday.

There will be village galas, art exhibitions and cultural experiences at libraries to meet public demand.

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