BST Brothers Partner For Italian Culinary Tours

BST Vacations is partnering with internationally renowned restaurateurs and hospitality experts Michael and Guy Rubino for a series of culinary tours, beginning in September 2024.

The inaugural culinary tours will transport participants to two of Italy’s most enchanting destinations: Tuscany and Tuscany.
Amalfi Coast. Guests will reside in exclusive private villas, immersing themselves in the local lifestyle for an entire week.

Along the way, Michael and Guy will participate as active guests. With an unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional experience, the Rubino brothers will personally guide guests through their extensive knowledge and passion for Italian food, wine and culture throughout the journey.

Michael’s unrivaled expertise in Italian wine will enhance guests’ understanding and appreciation of local varietals. Meanwhile, Guy’s extensive knowledge of Italian culinary culture promises endless exploration of flavors and techniques, making tours a true feast for the senses.

“We are thrilled to embark on this incredible journey with the Rubino brothers. These tours will bring a unique blend of culinary experience and travel exploration, ensuring an unforgettable experience for our guests. Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast
This is just the beginning!” said Scott Stewart, President of BST Vacations.

About the Rubino brothers

The Rubino brothers are prominent restaurateurs and hospitality professionals with a deep affection for Italian cuisine, culture and lifestyle. Originally from the Campania region in Italy, their family history has engraved something extraordinary in them.
mentality of Italian culture.

In addition to their successful gastronomic projects and numerous awards, the brothers have gained international recognition through their television series “Made to Order”, broadcast around the world. Their global appearances at events such as the World Gourmet Summit and Iron Chef America demonstrate their commitment to sharing the essence of Italian gastronomy with the world.

To kick off this exciting collaboration, Michael and Guy will host an exclusive, free, bespoke virtual cooking class exclusively for BST Vacations guests on February 6. During this special event, renowned restaurateurs
they expertly craft a dish that not only reflects the culinary essence of Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, but also encompasses the unique flavors and traditions of each region.

This culinary masterpiece will serve as a preview and offer a taste of what awaits participants in the immersive culinary tours planned for fall 2024.

For full details about these exciting culinary getaways visit the BST Vacations website.

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