Azores Airlines Add first Airbus A320 neo

Azores Airlines operated its first commercial flight on January 24 using the Airbus A320neo (New Engine Option).

The flight between Lisbon and Ponta Delgada (Azores) landed at 08:40 at João Paulo II airport. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Airbus A320neo represents a significant leap in operational efficiency and the consequent reduction in environmental impact.

The latest generation engines (high-bypass) and aerodynamic technology (Airbus Sharkle wings) of the new Airbus A320neo of Azores Airlines will allow a 20% reduction in fuel consumption, a 5% reduction in gas emissions and noise and lower operating costs. and greater cargo capacity than previous generations of aircraft.

Fleet renewal in effect

The latest equipment from the Azores airline features the word “PURE” on the fuselage. It is a tribute to the Azores archipelago, in line with the rest of the fleet. This new aircraft model is part of a replacement program for Airbus A320ceo models.

Azores Airlines’ Airbus 320neo has a 168-seat configuration. In the cabin, the blue tones of the sky and sea of the Azores dominate, creating a chromatic universe that is an integral part of the SATA Azores Airlines brand.

The cabin has been customized taking care of every detail, from the seats to the dividers that separate the different areas.

To make the environment even more inviting, a cabin lighting and audio concept was carefully considered to bring a bit of the rhythm of the Azores to the aircraft flying under the SATA Group brand.

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