Air Canada Starts new measures for customers with disabilities


Air Canada has become the first airline in North America to implement the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program to better serve customers with non-visible disabilities.

In announcing the measure, the carrier also confirmed the first appointments to its new Customer Accessibility Advisory Board, which will guide the carrier as it accelerates its three-year accessibility plan.

Tom Stevens, Vice President, Customer Experience and Operations Strategy at Air Canada, said: “Air Canada is the first airline in North America to adopt the Sunflower program, allowing us to better assist and serve our non-disabled customers. visible as autism. Our customers make 1.3 million accessibility requests every year and this initiative further demonstrates our commitment to improving accessibility, which we are strengthening through the establishment of a Customer Accessibility Advisory Committee. Comprised of clients with disabilities from accessibility groups across Canada, the committee will help raise awareness and help us identify barriers and develop solutions.”

Globally Recognized

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a globally recognized program that uses the use of a discreet sunflower symbol to identify customers with non-visible disabilities.

By choosing to wear the Sunflower lanyard, Air Canada customers can indicate to airline staff that they may need additional assistance, have specific needs or simply require more time during their trip.

In support of the program, Air Canada is training and raising awareness of all customer-facing employees to recognize and respond appropriately to participating customers.

The lanyard is available at check-in desks at Hidden Disability Sunflower member airports in Canada and on board all flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express.

“We are delighted that Air Canada will become the first airline in North America to officially launch the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower program. Air Canada and Sunflower are aligned in our commitment to ensure that Sunflower wearers are recognized and receive the additional support, understanding and kindness they need during their air travel,” said Paul White, CEO of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme Ltd., a UK-based private company that manages the global scheme.

Air Canada has committed in its Air Canada Three-Year Accessibility Plan to establishing a Customers with Disabilities Advisory Group. The committee will provide input from the perspectives of our customers with disabilities to help guide Air Canada’s journey and vision for accessibility as part of its Elevating the Customer Experience program.

The advisory group will initially be made up of representatives from four Canadian accessibility groups, including: Donna Jodhan, Barrier Free Canada; Paul Rogers, Brain Injury Canada; Isabelle Ducharme, Keroul; and Joanne Smith, Spinal Cord Injury Canada.

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