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Admissible Tourism In New Zealand Through An Indigenous Lens

To promote tourism sustainability in New Zealand (Aotearoa), the beautiful landscapes, diverse ecosystems and rich Māori culture must be recognized. As New Zealand’s tourism industry thrives, there is growing awareness of the need to preserve and restore the natural beauty that attracts millions of visitors each year. What sets New Zealand apart in its commitment to sustainable tourism practices is a completely unique approach inspired by the principles and worldviews of indigenous Māori.

Kaitiakitanga, an indigenous concept woven into the spirit of New Zealand, advocates for the preservation of the land. This Māori ethic creates the foundation for a unique perspective on sustainable tourism and emphasizes the interconnectedness between nature and all living things. Visitors, tourism operators and residents are encouraged to actively protect and conserve New Zealand’s ecosystem. The guiding principle of stewardship permeates the tourism industry, leading to initiatives such as indigenous regenerative planting projects, carbon offset programs and waste management strategies.

A Māori guide journey Living the legacy of North Island, New Zealand

On the North Island of New Zealand: James Beckett, the director and owner of Manawa Tours. Is a beacon for local-led experiences and demonstrates the essence of Kaitiakitanga. James is more than a tour guide, he is a storyteller sharing Māori culture and values.

“As a Māori, my connection to the land is deep. It’s not just about the stunning locations; It’s about sharing our stories, culture and values. He continues: “If you walk with me, you are walking in the footsteps of my ancestors.” For James and Manawa Tours, respect for the land is crucial: “We treat it as a taonga, as a treasure. It’s about taking only memories and leaving only footprints.”

Manawa Tours goes beyond sightseeing and offers an immersion in the indigenous perspective. “It’s about seeing the land as a living thing that sustains and nourishes us,” explains James, inviting travelers to view New Zealand through a Māori lens. James’ commitment to sustainable outcomes is not just about showcasing the land, but also about cultivating the cultural responsibility of nurturing the land as a living, breathing network. Manawa Tours serves as a unique bridge between cultures, promoting a deeper understanding of Māori values and New Zealand’s delicate ecosystem.

Manawa Tours is a worthy model in the broader context of New Zealand’s sustainable tourism initiatives. The indigenous perspective, embodied by guardianship, leads to a change in thinking among travelers. Promote a balanced connection between cultural consideration and environmental sustainability. Tourism operators in New Zealand, including Manawa Tours, make it a priority to educate visitors about the cultural and environmental significance of the places they travel to. Embracing Indigenous values and promoting greater Indigenous representation promotes cultural cross-fertilization and provides a more immersive experience that goes beyond the superficial.

Guardians of Kiwi culture South Island, New Zealand

Tiaki Tours, another tourism company committed to sustainable tourism guided by indigenous ideologies. Tiaki Tours, a boutique tour operator and family-run business, ensures a personal touch and keeps groups small to maintain the authenticity of the “Kiwi experience”. Based on the principles of Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga and Whanaungatanga, this boutique tourism operator goes beyond traditional travel.

This travel company focuses on Manaakitanga – guest care with a commitment that goes beyond the conventional. While recognizing the Māori value of kaitiakitanga, guides take on the role of “stewards” of New Zealand’s natural ecosystem. This commitment enables a deep connection between travelers and the environment. Tiaki Tours takes a regenerative approach and positively impacts the valuable land they traverse. They value providing environmentally focused tours. In addition, environmentally friendly transportation, local travel, participation in regenerative planting, tracking CO2 emissions and working only with sustainably oriented companies.

Tiaki Tours promotes gratitude to New Zealand’s original inhabitants. The company invites travelers to become part of a story that connects cultural heritage to the land. “We acknowledge and express our respect and gratitude to our tangata whenua, the indigenous people of this land.

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