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14 Best Luxury Camping Sites To Visit In Ontario 2024

If “rugged” camping isn’t your style, glamping is the perfect solution. In this article we listed up the best luxury camping sites. Ontario’s provincial parks have made it one of Canada’s best places for a glamping experience. These parks have hiking trails, lake views, and more—and if your campground perhaps even has a formal dining room, it’s safe to say you’ll be enjoying it in luxury. You could kick back in a king-size bed next to a propane fireplace and watch the sun set over a tranquil forest scene. What’s not to love? Glamping in Ontario is the best.

Ontario has so many famous places to visit. In this guide we will give you an overview of the best areas and glamping locations. Rest assured, after reading this you will be ready to book your dream glamping vacation in Ontario.

What is Glamping And Best Luxury Camping Sites In Ontario

Glamping in Ontario What is Glamping

First, let’s take a look at what you can actually expect from glamping in Ontario. Essentially it’s camping but in luxury style. To get a better idea of what it’s like, you can read about our experiences glamping in Big Sur. But to quickly clarify: you do without things like sleeping bags and a basic toilet block. Instead, you get things like an indoor laundry room, a wood-burning stove, and king-size beds. While most glamping sites still offer some tent elements – such as a luxury safari-style tent or teepee – the facilities inside are much more like a luxury hotel room.

That’s why glamping, also known as glamor camping, exists. It is the perfect mix for anyone who wants to experience closeness to nature without sacrificing comfort. Ideal, right?

Now we have a quick definition ready and you are on the same page. Now let’s get to the good things. Which glamping locations in Ontario should you know about? Where should you go for the ultimate camping trip in provincial parks and prospectors’ tents? Here are our hand-picked fourteen best places to go glamping in Ontario.

1. Fronterra Farm Camp

Address: 240 Country Rd 27, Consecon, ON K0K 1T0, Canada

Fronterra Farm Camp is a beautiful glamping location in Ontario. If family-run, eco-friendly accommodation is your thing, you’ll love staying at Fronterra Farm Camp. It is located almost directly on the shore of Lake Ontario. It prides itself on offering guests the opportunity to relax in a self-sufficient bubble surrounded by nature.

Fronterra Farm Camp features 10 canvas prospector tents in the forest or on the lakeshore with private viewing platforms over the marshes. Each has a heated outdoor shower, composting toilet and private kitchen. The bathing facilities are eco-showers with unique ecological products to minimize environmental impact. The focus on the environment is what really sets Fronterra Farm Camp apart. The camp is also beautifully located in Prince Edward County and offers fantastic access to Lake Ontario.

Sandbanks Provincial Park

On this shore there is the largest sand dune system in the world and a huge freshwater sandbank. If you come here in summer and want to have a “beach day”, this is the place.

Try a wine tasting at the nearby Norman Hardie Winery. Several guided tours and tastings take place in the immediate vicinity.

Where to dine: Strato’s Pizzeria & Mediterranean Grill – for vibrant Greek cuisine bursting with flavor.

2. Harmony Outdoor Inn

Address: 6 Harmony Lane, Parry Sound, ON P2A 0B1, Canada

If lake views dominate your street, the Harmony Outdoor Inn is ideal. The Harmony Outdoor Inn is a 3-star resort with a mix of traditional hotel rooms and glamping tents. The tents have access to outdoor showers – hot of course – and each has a spacious outdoor terrace and canopy. It is camping that is ten times more spacious and comfortable.

The main advantage of Harmony Outdoor Inn is its beautiful location and on-site activities. Located on the shores of Mill Lake, guests have direct access to numerous water sports and beautiful views. You can rent kayaks and SUPs to get active, explore the area from the water, or stroll along the shore.

Guests have access to a shared kitchen, dock, and even a patio that can accommodate hammocks. Harmony Outdoor Inn will be closed for renovations in 2024. But the resort’s location is so beautiful that we had to add it so you can keep it in mind when we reopen.

  • Georgian Bay Mnidoo Gamii Biosphere

This brilliant little charity supports the Georgian Bay Area and offers regular activities and lectures. You can check the official website to see what suits your visit.

  • Rugged hiking trail on the north coast

If you’re up for a moderate 1.5-mile hike, the North Shore Rugged Hiking Trail is a scenic choice. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the bay and reach some hidden pebble beaches.

  • Where to Dine: Trappers Choice Restaurant – a family-friendly restaurant with access to snowmobile trails and a seasonally heated patio.

3. Northern Edge Algonquin

Address: Kawawaymog Lake Algonquin Park, South River, ON P0A 1X0, Canada

Northern Edge Algonquin is a stunning retreat center offering glamping in Ontario on the shores of Lake Kawawaymog. Think misty mornings on boardwalks and days enjoying water activities in the sun. It mainly accommodates groups of 8 to 30 people. So if you’re looking for a group camping experience, Northern Edge Algonquin is a great choice.

Northern Edge Algonquin is a great place for outdoor adventure and relaxation. The eco-retreat offers yoga sessions, meditations and meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients. As an added bonus, there’s also an all-inclusive option – what could be more luxurious than that? Accommodation is also impressive, with rustic cabins offering shared or private options.

For us, Northern Edge Algonquin stood out for its all-inclusive and group-focused experiences. Finding accommodation suitable for such large groups can be challenging. And whether you’re planning a relaxed bachelorette party or a vacation with a large group, this flexibility stands out.

Crystal Cave Mineral Exhibition

  • Thousands of crystals are on display in this unique museum and shop. You can learn more about crystals and fossils and buy souvenirs at exhibitions.

Winter dance dog sledding.

  • In winter a visit to Winterdance Dog Sledding is a must. You can take a dog sled ride through the snow and winter forests, which is definitely on your list.
  • Where to dine: Sherri’s Diner – for casual American comfort food in a friendly atmosphere.

4. Bartlett Lodge

Address: Highway 60, KM 23, 7, Algonquin Park, ON P0A 1H0, Canada

Bartlett Lodge is another stunning, chic glamping site in Algonquin Provincial Park. The lodge has a mix of cabins and platform tents on its private grounds. For a glamping experience, you should definitely book the latter. These luxury tents each have a king-size bed for ultimate comfort. The canvas walls are held up by beautiful wooden frames. You also get a large private terrace covered by a canopy.

Those staying in the luxury tents have access to a shared washroom with hot showers and flush toilets. Inside the tent there are battery-operated lights – which feel a little more authentic, like a “real” camping experience.

For us, it is this authenticity that sets Bartlett Lodge apart. It’s luxury, but not unrealistic and too far removed from the actual camping experience, which the battery-powered lights remind you of. Here’s where to go glamping in Ontario if you’re staying in Algonquin Provincial Park and want a glamping experience that still feels adventurous.

This is easily one of the best hiking trails nearby. You wind past rivers and up a series of short but steep wooden stairs, reaching beautiful views of Canisbay Lake. The route is a respectable 7.5 km long and has a medium level of difficulty.

The Peck Lake Trail is only 2.3 km long and runs around beautiful Peck Lake, giving you a great insight into the ecology of Algonquin Provincial Park.

  • Where to eat: Lake of Two Rivers Cafe and Grill: a cafe with a casual kitchen and attached grocery store.

5. Glen Oro Farm

Address: 2574 Line 10 N, Hawkestone, ON, L0L 1TO, Canada

Glen Oro Farm is a horse stable meets glamping experience. How exciting is that? You can enjoy some of the most lavishly designed glamping tents in Ontario and spend your days horseback riding through the surrounding fields and forests. Glamping in Ontario doesn’t get any better for adventurous tourists and experienced riders.

Each tent has its own outdoor fire pit, wood-burning stove, and king-size beds inside. Tents range from all-canvas tents to stargazer and galaxy tents – with skylights for admiring the night sky. We love the skylights, especially because you can experience the Northern Lights in Ontario. The luxury tents each have a wood stove, propane grill and fire pit. Even better, they all also have a kitchenette or fully equipped kitchen.

Glen Oro Farm also has numerous communal facilities, including a cedar barrel sauna where you can book private sessions free of charge. The local rides are also a great success. If you’re lucky, you might spot bears, coyotes and foxes while on horseback.

  • Bass Lake Provincial Park

This park is perfect for a relaxing afternoon by the water. You can take a leisurely boat ride, swim or simply enjoy a picnic.

The Scout Valley Loop Trail is beautiful if you’re up for a 4-kilometer loop through some of Ontario’s most beautiful plant species. You cross forests and meadows. And in the fall, the fall foliage is incredibly breathtaking.

  • Where to eat: Brewery Bay Food Co. is an unpretentious restaurant with a burger and pizza-style menu.

6. Four Corners Algonquin

  • Address: 29924 ON-60, Whitney, ON K0J 2M0, Canada

Four Corners Algonquin is one of the best glamping locations on the block. Located just four miles from Algonquin Park’s east gate, this beautiful location offers easy daytime access to famous hiking trails like the Bat Lake Trail. Luxury tents include bubble tents for sleeping under the stars, safari tents, authentic pole tents and novel tiny homes. It’s a great way to experience nature with the comfort of luxurious linens and a warming wood stove.

The glamping site covers 90 hectares and is completely off-grid. Glampers share a fully accessible comfort station with flush toilets, hot showers and electrical outlets. You also don’t have to bother putting together a fire pit menu for your stay, as there’s a shared kitchen available each morning.

When you stay at Four Corners Algonquin you will receive a comfortable bed, propane grill, picnic table and Muskoka chairs. The website has a brilliant motto: “Disconnected but not totally unplugged” which really sums up their glamping experience. Four Corners Algonquin features a photovoltaic system that aims to produce net-zero energy. Its system is so effective that it can offer free Wi-Fi to its guests.

We love Four Corners Algonquin’s approach to sustainable energy and its sophisticated, effective photovoltaic system earns it its place in this guide. The bubble tents are also impressive, especially since Algonquin is a northern lights observation point.

  • Galeairy Lake Memorial Park

This picturesque lake is perfect for a morning walk. There is a military cannon and a monument that pays tribute to the fallen soldiers. It’s just a few minutes drive away and a perfect addition to your itinerary.

Located just within the boundaries of the provincial park, the Algonquin Logging Museum features outdoor exhibits on the history of logging in the region. There is also a 1.3km hiking trail that you can complete.

  • Where to eat: Bongopix Tavern – for pub-style food and Algonquin’s only nightclub.

7. Homegrown Hideaway

Address: 524 St John’s Rd E, Port Dover, ON N0A 1N2, Canada

Homegrown Hideaway is family owned and operated, which is a nice touch when looking for glamping accommodations in Ontario. The location is just outside Port Dover – close enough to take advantage of the tourist attractions and amenities, yet far enough away to enjoy some seclusion for a romantic getaway. The atmosphere is minimal, with simply unique looking glamping tents in a beautiful landscape. If you want a healthy atmosphere, Homegrown Hideaway is your choice. It’s its homey, quiet quality that caught our eye.

All tents are made from Canadian raw materials that come from the region wherever possible. The tents all have a queen-size bed and some have an outdoor shower for a couple. Guests have access to a shared kitchen and an outdoor washroom building with hot showers and flush toilets.

The family’s 17-acre property grows their own fruit and vegetables, which you can add to your stay with a “rustic comfort package.” You also have direct access to the Lynn River for swimming and fishing. Homegrown Hideaway is definitely best suited for summer.

Lynn River Falls is a beautiful place to hike, and you can join the trail on the property. It’s an easy trail and you just follow the river path.

  • Port Dover Harbor Museum

If you want a more traditional sightseeing experience, you can visit the Port Dover Harbor Museum. Here you can learn about local history and host various special events and exhibitions.

  • Where to eat: Knechtel’s on the Public Beach offers comfortable fish and chips with hot dogs and ice cream.

8. The Glamping Island

Address: 620 Lakeshore Rd, S Farr Island on Lake Temiskaming, Haileybury, ON, P0J 1K0, Canada

How does luxury camping on a remote island in Lake Timiskaming sound? The lake marks the border between Ontario and Quebec and you can enjoy island life off the coast of the mainland. It’s one of Ontario’s most unusual places to glamp – which is why it had to be on the list.

The island site is 5 hectares in size and offers only six accommodation options. So book in advance to avoid the places being full. There are two luxury tents, three cabins and a new type of tiny home. Each has a private waterfront patio and a solar-powered lighting system that can also be used to charge your phone. The private hammocks and fire pits are another nice touch.

For the best experience we would book one of the prospector tents. The rest of the island is also at your disposal with a network of hiking trails and viewpoints over the water. There are also many water sports activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding. You will have shared access to a shared kitchen with all necessary cooking facilities. Remember that instead of a freezer, you have an ice box that is constantly filled with fresh ice. So be careful about what foods you bring with you.

  • Waterfront Boardwalk Trail

This beautiful promenade stretches along part of the shores of Lake Timiskaming and begins in New Liskeard. If you’re up for a walk on the mainland with views of rather than of the island, the Waterfront Boardwalk Trail is for you.

For a more traditional visit, you can visit the Bunker Military Museum on the mainland. There are hundreds of artifacts and lots to learn.

  • Where to eat: Kingsway Restaurant – a Chinese restaurant to satisfy your cravings after a few days of island life.

9. Lungovita Beach Retreat

Address: 225 Country Rd, 50 E, Harrow, ON N0R 1G0, Canada

How does adult-only glamping sound in Ontario? Lungovita Beach Retreat is one of the few adults-only glamping properties in the province. It offers beautiful geo-dome tents with water views and retreats. You get access to 16 acres of private property in the middle of the Essex County wine region – fantastic. Check out the mix of single and multi-day retreats, which include yoga and self-love retreats.

If you want a more organized experience and love the sound of retreat packages, a stay at Lungovita Beach Retreat is one of the most rewarding glamping experiences in Ontario. Aside from the beautiful accommodation and inclusions of your chosen retreat, you can access many facilities and amenities. These include year-round hot tubs and saunas, a saltwater pool, a hammock area, a meditation area, and on-site massages. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than the Lungovita Beach Retreat, which has earned it a spot in this guide. We love that it offers such an outstanding luxury experience. The geodomes even have air conditioning.

Fancy a wine tasting? This winery is just a 10-minute bike ride or a 15-minute walk away. It also offers lunchtime experiences.

  • Colchester harbor and beach

Next we have a spacious beach and a quiet marina. This is ideal if you’re visiting the small town of Colchester and want to enjoy the day’s culture before heading to the beach.

  • Where to eat: Colchester Bar & Grill – for a burger menu and grill in the middle of the city.

10. Pit Stop 518

Address: 1734 ON-518, Kearney, ON P0A 1MO, Canada

So we’ve covered adults-only glamping in Ontario, but what about luxury camping in a yurt? Located in the Almaguin Highlands, this glamping site features impressive Mongolian yurts. Whether you’re interested in the culture and history of Mongolia or want to experience a different, more innovative side to standard camping, Pit Stop 518 is sure to provide variety. So of course we had to give him a place.

Each yurt has its own toilet in the annex, a wood-burning stove and a kitchenette. There is also a picnic table and a 1000 watt portable with AC and USB ports. Shower facilities cost $10 per person per stay and are available in the main building.

The yurts themselves are located on a 3-hectare flower meadow. The on-site café is open for breakfast and lunch from Tuesday to Saturday. You can even opt for a food delivery package where the website arranges food delivery to your yurt door.

The nearby town of Kearney is a lake town, so to speak, surrounded by four different lakes. This is an ideal glamping site for anyone who loves fishing and water activities. Additionally, Pit Stop 518 is also pet-friendly.

  • Rent a kayak at Algonquin Base Camp

A fantastic activity from Pit Stop 518 is to rent a kayak at Algonquin Base Camp and explore the lake from the water. Hassard Lake is beautiful and you could even bring a picnic.

Another fantastic thing to do nearby is a hike to Brook’s Fall, a pretty waterfall near Pit Stop 518. You simply follow the short trail from Deer Lake Road.

  • Where to eat: Fork on Main – for sandwiches and burgers.

11. Alabaster Acres

Address: 18692 Hurontario St, Caledon Village, ON L7K 0Y1, Canada

Alabaster Acres is a stunning example of luxury camping. The site is set on 100 acres of private farmland, with a beautiful collection of three luxury tents dotting the clearings. It’s just a short hour’s drive from Toronto, which has already received some brownie points for its place in this guide. You can easily fly into Toronto and rent a car to reach Alabaster Acres and its beautiful glamping tents.

You can choose between three tents: Copper Retreat, Gunmetal Getaway and Platinum Hideout. Each has its own slightly different packaging and aesthetic. Each tent has a king-size bed, kitchenette, heated mattress, wood-burning stove, mini bridge, Bluetooth speaker, battery-operated lighting and cooking utensils. Alabaster Acres maintains a quiet, intimate charm with just three glamping properties. It’s nice that there are many hiking trails around the private property. The same applies to communal facilities such as the outdoor shower and the library.

If you want to go glamping in Ontario somewhere that feels rustic and intimate, Alabaster Acres is your best choice. We love how private it feels.

  • Visit the Island Lake Conservation Area

Near the neighboring town of Orangeville, the Island Lake Conservation Area is a beautiful place for a stroll. The area includes an 820-acre lake with adjacent wetlands and forests. Even better: indulge in some water sports activities. You can rent kayaks, canoes and fishing equipment.

  • Hike through Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

A walk is the perfect way to spend a morning, and Forks of the Credit Provincial Park is beautiful. You’ll need to reserve in advance, but your organization will be rewarded tenfold with waterfalls and forest views.

  • Where to Dine: Inaka Japanese Restaurant – for a family-friendly, authentic Japanese meal.

12. Long Point Eco Adventures Resort

Address: 1730 Front Rd, Turkey Point, ON N0E 1P0, Canada

Long Point Eco Adventures has some of the best glamping accommodations in Ontario. Just check out the Wilderness Suite glamping accommodations. These canvas villas are fit for royalty – and will make an exciting base for a few days. Each has a mini fridge, fan, heater and electric blanket. The luxury camping tents are pet-friendly and even have WiFi. Long Point Eco Adventures Resort is simply impressive. The Wilderness Suites tick all the boxes, so we’ve added them to this guide.

Long Point Eco Adventures is located on the shores of Lake Erie. While it may feel like a remote retreat, it’s actually less than 2.5 hours drive from Toronto. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add a glamping experience to a Toronto city break and Niagara Falls trip. This was another important consideration for us; The location is very convenient.

In addition to nearby attractions and cool tents, Long Point Eco Adventures offers a winter observatory, zipline tours, and water activities. Long Point Eco Adventures is perfect if you’re looking for a resort feel for activities. There’s even an on-site restaurant if you prefer something other than cooking by the fire pit.

  • Take part in a wine tasting at Burning Kiln Winery

Who doesn’t love wine tasting? Burning Kiln Winery is located a short distance from the glamping site and offers regular tastings.

  • Turkey Point Provincial Park

If you enjoy mountain biking, this is the park for you. There are some great bike paths and correspondingly hairy sections for those looking for a challenge. There is also a beach and many hiking trails.

  • Where to Dine: Jetty Bar and Grill is an iconic blue-painted restaurant that serves mostly seafood overlooking the water.

13. Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge

Address: 574 Snake Creek Rd, Mattawa ON P0H 1V0, Canada

If you’re thinking more of a vacation for big kids/adults, Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge is a fun choice. The “lodge” includes a range of tents and cabins, including a geodesic dome, a stereotypical glamping tent, a hover tent, a Mongolian yurt and a Pacific yurt option – which can accommodate up to six guests. Nature’s Harmony Lodge is all about having fun.

There are numerous novel accommodations and rentals of recreational equipment such as paddle boards and skis. In winter, you can go snow tubing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and relax in a wood-fired sauna. In the summer there are over 25 km of hiking trails, plenty of opportunities for swimming, berry picking, stargazing and paddling. We love how eventful a stay at Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge is.

While the tent options do not have their own kitchen or bathing facilities, they do have communal eco-showers, composting toilets and barbecue facilities. You can also eat at the surrounding restaurants nearby. Nature’s Harmony Ecolodge overlooks the Laurentian Mountains but is just a 15-minute drive from the town of Mattawa.

This museum is a great place to learn more about the region’s indigenous culture and history. It also touches on the natural history of the Algonquin area.

Interested in skiing? If you’re visiting at the right time of year, why not enjoy a ski session or two in the Laurentian Mountains? There are 15 runs in total.

  • Where to eat: Moon Café is a lovely cafe with upscale breakfast and lunch options.

14. Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat

Address: 141 Mercer Ln, Grafton, ON K0K 2G0, Canada

Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat is breathtaking. This retreat is located in Northumberland County, just 90 minutes from Toronto. It’s ideal for anyone flying into Ontario and offers a boutique take on the glamping experience. Forget sleeping bags and instead imagine mood lighting and private bathrooms in the tent.

You can book a treetop tent with a huge covered balcony. This option shares communal cooking facilities and a hot tub with two other treetop tents, creating a community in heaven. Or you can stay grounded with a deluxe, mini, junior or traditional safari tent. All have a funky and classic Canadian prospecting tent aesthetic.

For us, it’s the boutique quality that sets Whispering Springs apart. The rough-cut wooden furniture and clean white lines are beautiful. And the care taken to create such different experiences really shows a step beyond the usual.

Aside from accommodation options, Whispering Springs features a saltwater pool, a spring-fed pond with resident turtles and otters, a cedar barrel sauna, and over 2.5 miles of hiking trails. There is also an à la carte restaurant on-site and a range of wellness activities such as outdoor yoga and fire meditation classes.

  • Nawautin Nature Reserve

This 5-hectare nature reserve is a haven for wildlife residents such as deer, foxes and beavers. We recommend visiting in the evening or early morning to spot the most animals.

Cobourg is a picturesque town on Lake Ontario. From Whispering Springs you can take a quick trip to the public beach, which is just a 25-minute drive away.

  • Where to eat: Triple O’s Colborne – try a classic Canadian burger chain with super-fast service.

Why We Love Glamping in Ontario

Glamping in Ontario To Conclude

Glamping in Ontario is incredible thanks to the beautiful parks and attention to detail in the glamping properties. They have everything from solar powered lighting to hot tub facilities. And you can enjoy immersing yourself in nature in Northumberland County or Prince Edward County – glamping sites are generously spread throughout the province. Any of the top 14 will give you a wonderful stay, and we hope you’ve found a few favorites.

Before you head out, remember to check out some other exciting things to do in Ontario. Glamping in Ontario is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a complete guide to the most exciting things to do, as well as things to do specifically in Hamilton and Blue Mountain. Our recommendation? Stay in Ontario for a while and sample the wilderness and city culture. Head to Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. Take in as much of the province as possible. Ontario is home to almost 40% of Canada’s population, and it will take you more than a few days to see why

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